Anonymous BSC

Anon was started by a group of individuals focused on investing in the BSC. The Binance Smart Chain can be compared to the seedy underbelly of OTC markets on another layer of OTC markets. The lowest of the low, peer to peer trading. Decentralization is imperative to the freedom and fundamental ideas of crypto currency. This means that everything is supported without an intermediary, and as such people rely on one another in a sense.

One function is the addition of liquidity providers in the market, these providers are able to provide liquidity and be incentivized for doing so, and in return for the fees collected they provide a trading experience for new investors. Many scams are commonplace as a result, including the removal of this liquidity unbeknownst to the traders, resulting in bad actors running off with tens if not hundred of thousands of dollars.

The group experienced this many times, and set out to do something different. They created a token after seeing how much malicious intent has plagued the BSC, and how many investors (who by the way turn to these investment vehicles due to the low barrier to entry and exciting price movements) lose out hard earned money in what would otherwise be a potential leg up. These are opportunities provided to those who need it most and taken away from them in their most vulnerable time.

Anon coin was created with anti whale and anti abuse / anti pump and dump mechanics. Meaning at launch the coin could not be manipulated and cheated, resulting in the crash of the price intentionally or the lack of liquidity for future trading. Holders are also incentivized by receiving a portion of the sell into their wallet directly, and the rest of the taxxed portion of the transaction is moved into liquidity where it is locked in and facilitates easy trading going forward with a rising price floor.

This project sky rocketed. 2 million $ market cap in 2 hours, 7m in 48 hours and is consolidating around 3 million to 4 million since launch on Thursday May 6th. We have now around 6000 holders of the coin and have many promotions lined up.

The mission for Anon is to source and find scammers. Those that create the contracts have wallets on public record and engage on Telegram and other social media. The group has already acted on one such scammer, the details of whom have been made available online.

Their goal is to create a robust platform that allows users to submit info on potential scammers, the Anon team would review this and make it available for all to see and to avoid any future contracts created or promoted by this same person. Soon, this platform will be developed into a robust software that will have key features used to detect, analyze and provide a safe place for users to validate potential projects. In essence, almost a blacklist to regulate scammers in an otherwise unregulated space.

We support the fundamental ideas of liberties and freedoms in blockchain, and this is in no way an endorsement for regulation. That said, in this libertarian industry there should be some good actors that stand up against malicious intent.

Our story is just getting started, and we are dedicated to the cause. There are a handful of people on the dev team that remain anonymous, I have been appointed from the community by the dev team to represent them in a public sense.


FEATURED: Tech Bullion

Launched by a group of anonymous developers, this project is working effectively to create a safe space for investors and their investments.

The investment market is brimming with scammers and fraudsters. Scamming is intolerable and poses a threat to the safety of investors, making them reluctant about putting out their money in the market in cryptocurrencies or other related projects. Read more

May 27, 2021

FEATURED: The American Reporter

This is an empowering initiative, started by people who had different skills but decided to combine their resources to wreak havoc on the illegal activities and theft in the digital space. “We are Anonymous... Read more

May 26, 2021

FEATURED: Influencive

Their goal of the community is to create a robust platform that allows users from all walks of life to submit info on potential scammers globally. Read more

May 23, 2021


Their goal of the community is to create a robust platform that allows users from all walks of life to submit info on potential scammers globally. Read more

May 22, 2021

FEATURED: Tricity Daily

A war against scammers and rugs in the investing market and crypto world raged by Anonymous developer. Read more

May 20, 2021



Currently only on PankakeSwap. Buy on Pancake Swap
Buy slippage 0.5-1%. Sell slippage 9%.
We impose tax penalties that are high for the normal duration of an initial token launch. Enforcing the stability and success of the coin.
The maximum purchase size and wallet allowance, which is enforced should minimize the impact of large holders.
We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
To provide a safe environment and enforce harsh penalties on hostile behavior.
We plan to build the future of Tokenomics. As the project continues to succeed, Anonymous BSC will fight and expose the malevolence that is rife in the space of cryptocurrency.
Tokenomics At Launch.
★ EXPIRED Sell within 12 hours : 40% burn (30% Back to the Liquidity Pool, 10% Redistributed to Holders)
★ EXPIRED Sell within 1 day : 32% burn (24% Back to the Liquidity Pool, 8% Redistributed to Holders)
★ EXPIRED Sell within 3 days : 24% burn (18% Back to the Liquidity Pool, 6% Redistributed to Holders)
★ EXPIRED Sell within 7 days : 16% burn (12% Back to the Liquidity Pool, 4% Redistributed to Holders)
★ CURRENT Standard burn : 8% burn (6% Back to the Liquidity Pool, 2% Redistributed to Holders)
Yes liquidity is locked by DxLock Certified Liquidity Locker until at least 31 May 2022. View transaction #1. View transaction #2.
Yes, of course definitely. View transaction.